Abraham "Abe" Kenarban, played by Gary Anthony Williams is the devoted father to Stevie and husband to Kitty . He is also Hal's best friend and enjoys playing poker with him and his other friends, Trey, Malik, Brian, and Steve.


In his debut episode, Sleepover, he mentions he was raised by his grandmother and four spinster aunts. When sufficiently scared or unnerved, he is prone to asthma attacks, coincidentally, just like Stevie.

It has been implied that he's a mama's boy as mentioned by Kitty when they got into a huge fight which ended in them having sex. After he was divorced by her, he dated Polly for some time, who was also dating Craig , but in the end she admitted they were a distraction to her career when forced to pick between them.

He was also shown to be a weak man and even admitted it to Stevie, it has also been shown when he fought Craig over Polly, instead of violently attacking him, he slapped Craig repeatedly. Hal has also mentioned that he sleeps with a night light, implying that he has a fear of the dark. He is never seen eating many greasy foods or butter, mainly because Kitty is very strict on the types of foods he eats, much to his dismay. Because of this, he eats unhealthy foods behind her back, though she finds already knows about it.

After Kitty left him he found it extremely hard to break the news to Stevie who did not know that she was gone. When he finally told Stevie, Stevie was miserable for a while, until Abe spoke to him and comforted him. When Kitty returned he was as overjoyed as Stevie was, and even got angry at Lois for saying that she didn't deserve to return to their family. However, they were both clearly still furious with Kitty for abandoning them but couldn't bring themselves to say so out of fear she'd leave again. So they used Lois as a scapegoat for their anger. He happily accepted her apology afterwards, though Kitty was not seen again.

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