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Alison was the first serious girlfriend of Reese Wilkerson. She is a dumb blonde whose intelligence level is just about as high as Reese's and she first appeared in the episode Stupid Girl.


Alison first appeared in the episode "Stupid Girl. Malcolm had a crush on Alison, but his hyper intelligence was confusing to her. Acting dumb like Reese, he managed to calm down and relax to win her over. Alison and Malcolm went to the dance together. While on their way drinking, Stevie and Lois bust them in the act. They subsequently broke up, after which Reese began dating Alison.

In Malcolm Holds His Tongue, Reese wishes to accompany Alison to a concert, but unfortunately his driver's license has been suspended, so he turns to Craig Feldspar to chauffer them there. But along the way, they learn Craig has plans for his own night out, and he intentionally drives past the concert. Craig snaps when Reese tells him he's ruining his date with Alison, so Alison pepper-sprays his eyes. Angry at learning this was a setup, Alison exits the car and threatens to pepper-spray Reese as well. She then abandons them

Alison was last seen in "Academic Ocathalon" when Reese tries to get out of his promise to take her to the dance, because he's been saving his money to buy an expensive leather jacket. He tries to trick her into dumping him, even going so far as to try to break his foot, but neither Alison nor Lois will allow him to break his promise. Alison is last seen posing for the prom photo with a broke and crying Reese..


Reese Wilkerson[]

Alison and Reese became boyfriend and girlfriend in the episode Stupid Girl. They both shared the same intelligence level, so when they had conversations with each other, they totally understood each other.

Malcolm Wilkerson[]

Malcolm is the ex-boyfriend of Alison. They dated each other in the episode Stupid Girl. Malcolm was too intelligent for her. Malcolm tried dumbing himself down for her, but this ended badly when they were caught going drinking. They broke up shortly afterwards.

Episode Appearances[]


  • She is Malcolm's second official girlfriend (Beth from Bowling and Sarah from Malcolm's Girlfriend) and Reese's second official girlfriend (Wendy from Cheerleader). She is also the first girl that Malcolm and Reese were both in dedicated relationships with.