Angela Pozefky is a girl that Malcolm had a love interest for in the episode Malcolm Dates a Family. Angela is a girl who has an overbearing and humiliating family.

Biography[edit | edit source]

First time you see her she’s 15/16 last time you see her she’s 18/19 she was a girl who Malcolm wanted to take to the Spring Dance in the episode Malcolm Dates a Family. When he started talking to her, he was mystified by the fact that no other boy had asked her out and hopefully assumed that it was because she was so promiscuous, that other boys were intimidated by her. Upon talking to her, he then found out that the real reason was because her family doesn't allow her to date anyone unless they approve. She described her family as intrusive, overbearing, controlling, and humiliating, which Malcolm could relate to. When she brought Malcolm to her house, she revealed that she had a huge family. The family started to interview him with a bunch of questions about his personality. When they found out he was a genius, they proved to be a bunch of geniuses too. Eventually, Malcolm started bonding with her family better than he did with her and they didn't talk to each other for two weeks. It got to the point where he forgot that he was dating her and then accepting another girl to the Spring Dance. When Malcolm remembered he was dating her, he made the decision to break up with her and go to the dance with the other girl, Sarah. When they broke up, The Pozefsky family would no longer allow Malcolm to see them anymore and they had to get rid of him the way a couple would if they broke up. They would soon be visited by Malcolm again, wanting to get back together with her, but unfortunately for him, Angela had moved on and started dating Stevie.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Angela is a generally unhappy and miserable girl with plenty of negative feelings. Her main problem with her life is her family and how they completely control everything that happens to her and shares pretty much the same opinions on them that Malcolm does for his family. She even comes to grips with the belief that she is going to die alone and she seems so used to these terrible feelings, that she's grown to just brush them off and live with them.

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