April is a girl that Reese had a crush on in the episode Water Park. She goes to school with him and Reese loves her because he's heard that she's promiscuous and trampy. However, April hates Reese for being a perverted jerk.

Biography[edit | edit source]

At the water park, Malcolm and Reese were in an argument and were going back and forth, getting revenge on each other. He thought of a way to get revenge of Reese through April. Her first appearance was when Malcolm asked Reese why he loved her. Reese told her that she was "trampy" and he'd heard rumors that she always kissed with her tongue, only to find out that she was standing behind him the whole time. April called him a "jerk" and ran off. Later, Malcolm got revenge on Reese again by pulling down his swim trunks in front of a bunch of girls there. One of which was April.

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