Baby Part 1 is the twentieth of the fourth season of Malcolm in the Middle, which was broadcast on May 11, 2003.


After nine months of being pregnant, Lois goes into labor. However, Ida comes over to visit just at this time.


At breakfast the next morning, Hal and Lois tell the boys they will be inducing labor on the upcoming Thursday instead of in two weeks as they had previously planned. Dewey is visibly upset by this, as Reese claims they can't do that. Hal assures them it'll be less time before their lives are over, and their new fulfilling lives begin. Lois suggests Hal takes the boys out to a car show, Malcolm digresses claiming he doesn't want to spend the day looking at cool stuff they'll never get to own. Lois assures him if they only looked at stuff they could afford they'd see nothing but crap. Unfortunately when they arrive at the community center they find that the car show had left and now it was a bridal exposition entitled "Festival of Brides", which Reese claims to be the lamest name for a car show ever. Malcolm suggests they leave but Hal has already paid $15 for parking so they're going in whether they like it or not.

Ida is outside, she asks if they are going to let her in or if she should lay down in the grass and feed the worms. Ida announces she is moving in when her apartment burns down mysteriously, with Francis assuming it was the villagers. Lois suggests Ida should stay with Susan because her house is much nicer, but Ida claims she should "stick her head in a can of beans" after Susan called her bitter and hung up on her, forgetting whether or not she hung up on her, but claims she should rot in hell either way. Lois is desperate to get her out, and when she, Francis and Piama learn that Ida is a bigot, they enlist Abe and his poker buddies to scare her off.

Hal takes all the boys to a Bridal Exposition (he thought it was a car show.) Meanwhile, Malcolm has been accepted to a boarding school in England, but he decides not to go when Hal makes him realize how much his family needs him.

Lois goes into labor just as Ida is about to leave, and makes tightly-controlled but frantic calls to Hal to get him home as quickly as possible. Hal, in the meantime, is desperate to leave the expo. Stunned at learning the date his parents have picked for the baby's planned delivery, Dewey humiliates Hal at the exposition by revealing the date is his own birthday.

As they get in the car Hal can't find his keys, Reese says that he has them and announces they should blow this Popsicle stand. Just then the security guards surround the car, Hal asks Lois if he can call her back since they are now in trouble.

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