Beth is the love interest of Malcolm and Reese in the episode Bowling. The two of them both tried making her fall in love with them, which turned into a competition.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Beth is an extremely attractive student who goes to Malcolm and Reese's school. She has made lots of boys fall in love with her, and even one of her teachers got fired for expressing too much interest in her. She was seen at the bowling alley, with some other kids, including Malcolm and Reese and the two of them both tried to make a move on her. When Reese attempted to impress her, what he did was make a disgusting joke which involved him spitting his drink on her face, which disgusted her and caused her rightfully hate him. Malcolm on the other hand, would be constantly humiliated and ridiculed in front of her. However, Beth was attracted to Malcolm and so he ended up being the boy who won her over. There are two alternate ending to what happened in their relationship, and both of them involve them being together. There's the ending where Lois took Malcolm to the Bowling Alley and the one with Hal. With Lois, Malcolm embarrassed himself in front of Beth by failing to get a strike when he was standing right in front of the goal. Beth felt sympathy for Malcolm and so she started talking to him and made out with him, until Lois pulled him away. With Hal, Malcolm made himself look really good in front of her and because Reese pulled that disgusting joke on her, Beth spent time with Malcolm and they went to make out behind the bowling alley, only for Malcolm's shirt to be snagged by the bowling pin resetting machine thing, and for him to be dropped into Hal's game and slammed in the back with a bowling ball. Beth was never seen again after this.

Although Beth never technically appeared again, she was seen in a flashback in the episode Clip Show #2.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Beth is Malcolm's first official kiss, at least in the version where Lois took them.
  • She's also shares the same name as Reese's later girlfriend from Season 5 Episode 21, Reese Joins the Army: Part 1.
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