Billy Prescott is a neighborhood boy who looks strikingly similar to Dewey from behind. Out of the goodness of his heart, he does random acts of kindness for people like mowing their lawns and raking their leaves. Since people think he's Dewey, they go on to give Dewey money and rewards for what they thought he did, which he gives Billy his share at the end of the day. He appeared in "Forbidden Girlfriend". Billy has an older brother named Ira who is Reese's bully.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Billy makes his only appearance in "Forbidden Girlfriend". Despite having different eye color from Dewey, the two looked similar with their blond hair and build. When Reese discovered who Billy was and that Dewey was stealing his money, he took advantage of the situation by making Dewey pull pranks on his enemies and letting Billy be the fall guy.

One of those pranks involves a car that happened to belong to his older brother: an angry high school bully named Ira. By having Billy be blamed for the prank he pulled by having Dewey dump cement powder and mixing it with water, Reese is able to get his revenge on Ira. Soon Dewey turns Reese's plan against him by presumably explaining his actions to Billy and requested for both his and Ira's help. He has Billy pose as him in doing his homework. Being none the wiser and believing that Dewey is doing his homework, Reese tells him about his plans to use Billy again as his fall guy with various pranks on his other enemies. He is taken by surprise when he turns "Dewey" and finds an angry Billy staring blankly at him in his place. Dewey reveals himself hiding in the closet with Billy's older brother, Ira. Both boys watches as an angry Ira beats Reese up in revenge for his prank and using Billy as his fall guy.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Despite looking similar to Dewey with similar blond hair cuts and build, Billy has blue eyes, while Dewey has his mother, Lois' dark eyes

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