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Bomb Shelter is the eighteenth episode of season seven of Malcolm in the Middle.


Reese and Dewey discover a bomb shelter in their backyard. Meanwhile, Malcolm takes up dancing. Lois participates in winning a free truck at the Mall.




  • Similar to the episode If Boys Were Girls, the mall scenes were shot in the Westfield Fashion Square shopping center.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that underneath the sand in the sandbox, there is an entrance to a giant and very elaborate bomb shelter.
    •  Apparently, no one in the family has ever seen this bomb shelter before. However, in the episode Mini-Bike, Malcolm, Dewey, and Reese all buried a mini-bike in the sandbox and in Reese Drives, Dewey buried himself in the sandbox, so it would seem unlikely that they wouldn't have found it after coming that close to it.
    • In the episode Convention, there is revealed to be a sewage disposal under the ground of the backyard, not too far off from the sandbox. Seeing how vast and roomy the bomb shelter was in this episode, it would be almost impossible for both of those things to fit underground in the same tiny backyard.
  • After learning that Reese has a special talent for cooking (Reese Cooks), and Dewey has a special talent for music (Humilithon), we learn that aside from being a genius, (Pilot) Malcolm also has a special talent for dancing in this episode.
    • Malcolm proves to be great at dancing in this episode, although Lois previously told him that he'd be bad at flamingo dancing and even claimed to always be right when telling her children they'd be bad at something. (Hal Sleepwalks)