Cattle Court is the twentieth episode of season seven of Malcolm in the Middle.


Reese has to hide his undying love for meat in order to impress an ultra-vegan girl that he's in love with. Meanwhile, Malcolm decides to make Craig get angry at Lois life in order to go to a concert.




  • Lois tells Craig that there is a very unlikely but possible chance that they might be a romantic couple under one condition. That condition being, Lois becoming old and senile, not being able to live on her own, Hal being dead, and her children not caring about her. If Craig is really still going to be in love with Lois by this time, then she will gladly allow for the two of them to be together for the rest of their lives.
  • Reese says "Earn this" as he is setting cattle free from a slaughterhouse. This is a reference to the movie Saving Private Ryan, where Tom Hanks' character says this famous quote to Matt Damon's character.


  • Although Lois won a new truck in the episode Bomb Shelter, she is seen driving the original car in this episode.
  • Although Reese got a job as a telemarketer in the previous episode, he is working his original job as a meatpacker in this episode.