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Chad is a very aggressive Busey who always has a sheet of paper on his shirt with some kind of warning such as seizures may be a trap or do not corner. He is also usually seen wearing oven mitts (or sometimes, boxing gloves). He first appeared in the episode Dewey's Special Class.


Chad has an overactive imagination, shown when he believes there are four of him, or that he can burst someone into flames just by looking at them. In the episode "Chad's Sleepover " he appears to be obsessively neat and organized as he rearranges everything in the Wllkerson house according to factors such as color and texture at one point even stating "rough can't go next to smooth." He played Jamie in Dewey's opera.

Episode Appearances[]


  • A running theme with this character involves the sign(s) that are constantly taped onto his body, occasionally reading different things, such as:
    • 'Don't Touch, Bites' (on the front)and 'Don't ignore The Sign' (on the back) - Dewey's Special Class
    • 'Goes For Eyes' - Buseys Run Away
    • 'Seizures May Be A Trap' - Hal Sleepwalks
    • 'Do Not Corner' and 'Jamie' (Towards the end of the episode, signifying his role in the play) - Dewey's Opera
    • 'Touching' (With a symbol to signify 'No Touching' - Chad's Sleepover
    • 'Angered By Sniveling' - Buseys Take A Hostage