Clip Show #2 is the seventeenth episode of season four of Malcolm in the Middle.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In this second clip show, Hal and Lois are penning their will, and think back to all the trouble their sons put them through.

Summary[edit | edit source]

In the intro scene, Hal tries to remove a sliver from his finger and Reese hears him yelp whenever he touches an action figure, believing he has made a voodoo doll he tells Hal that things will be different from now on.

In the second clip show, Hal and Lois are penning their will. They think back to all the trouble their sons put them through. During this time, she and Hal fight over their abilities to do their will. Lois is still insistent they can do it without help. Hal is unconvinced and he wisely forewarned against making out the will. He knows that neither he and Lois are equipped for the task. Thus, he wants to go to a qualified professional to make out the will properly.

Their fighting becomes increasingly worse when they accuse each other in failing to handle their finances better. Hal points out that Lois' overbearing, low class and controlling nature will lead to her death first over his own. Clips shows support to his argument, which offends Lois. She then points out his inability to help her deal with their sons is what will lead to his own death. Clips show Lois' argument valid when Hal has proven to be an incompetent parent too. The two gets into a pinch fest as they try to avoid waking the boys up and letting them see their will.

Hal and Lois both apologize for their behavior. He tries to convince her to stop penning their will on her own by going to bed. Hal maintains his argument in wanting to see a qualified professional for help because he knows they have the maturity and patience to deal with such a serious issue that they can't do on their own. Lois refuses because of the expenses that those people will require and they don't have the money. Which is why, she is still insistent on doing it themselves. In the case of both parents death, both Hal and Lois agree that their own families are not an option. Clips support the cruelty of both Hal's wealthy family maltreating her and even Lois's own parents. On top of it, her sister, Susan, isn't a viable candidate for raising their sons due to the friction between the two women over the years. Hal tries to suggest that they make Craig the guardian to care for the boys. Since he's an adult, he could help raise them in the event of their deaths. Lois immediately rejects the option, knowing how annoying and spineless Craig is. She wants to ask Abe and Kitty to raise their sons as they're friends with the Kenarbans. Lois believes they have the maturity and patience to deal with the boys and the unborn baby. Hal reminds her of their needs to care for Stevie since he has medical issues. When he tries to suggest Francis since he's working and that both he and Piama can take care of the boys and the baby in New Mexico, she refuses. Hal confronts her for not giving him a chance.

It is there that Lois' problems with Francis are finally revealed and how her inability to admit when she is wrong lead to a lot of the problems the family has been dealing with. Hal points out that she was always acting like a control freak and blaming them for all of her problems whenever she couldn't admit when she was wrong. Lois finally confesses there was a time she never used to be like that. She had been a calm and loving mother to Francis. When Lois has to go to the hospital due to the Staph Infection caused by Reese's uncontrollable kicking during her pregnancy, she had been worried sick over him wondering where she was and that Hal was an incompetent parent. By the time she made a speedy recovery and came home with him, Lois found out just how much Francis didn't care that she was gone. She mentioned that Hal was taking care of him just fine and that she was just an annoying distraction to him. After this, Lois made it her personal mission to make Francis' life a living hell and he became more rebellious.

As Lois admits her remorse for her actions, she and Hal notices Dewey awake. He is hurt after hitting his head and running in the kitchen. As Hal calms Dewey down the two prepare to take him to the hospital to see his physician. Despite knowing how to calm Dewey down, make sure he's ok and the location of the nearest paediatric emergency center. As Hal is taking him to the hospital, Lois sadly understands that they're the worst parents in the world and is unsure if they could raise the unborn child.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the second clip show episode, with Clip Show being the first.
  • This is also the second episode to end in "#2", with Poker #2 being the first.
  • Malcolm and Francis do not appear in this episode (this episode being Malcolm's only non-appearance), while Reese only appears in the pre-credits scene. Dewey appears in the end of the episode
  • Craig is the only recurring character that did not appear in the flashbacks.
  • This is the 2nd episode where Lois had an epiphany over being a terrible mother to her sons. The first episode is in Christmas. The later episodes that will follow it is in Day Care, Lois Battles Jamie and Ida Loses a Leg.
  • Lois' issues with Francis comes to light and including the Staph Infection caused by Reese's uncontrollable kicking in the womb during her pregnancy. The last episode that alluded to this was in Flashback
  • Originally Francis was going to appear in the kitchen, telling Lois off that she's wrong. He explains that when she left for the hospital, he was so upset she was gone and kept asking Hal when she was coming home. He wouldn't tell Francis the answer he wanted to hear and tried to change the subject. When Lois finally came home with Reese, he was happy to see her again and wanted to tell her this. However, she got the wrong idea thinking he was happy without her in it and made it her mission to make his life miserable. Only then, Lois realizes she got the wrong idea and apologizes for her behavior to Francis. The tender moment between her and Francis is interrupted by screaming and loud shoving in the hallway.
    • In the original ending, it's Malcolm, Reese and Dewey whom find out about Hal and Lois penning their will and including their plans to appoint a legal guardian. It's from there, the boys began to argue amongst themselves. Reese points out that he's older than the remaining two boys and thus, he should care for them. Malcolm argues that he's not as smart and can't make sound decisions in regards of them being cared for. He mentions that he's very smart in managing finances and can help care for them in case of Hal and Lois' death. Dewey disagrees, pointing out that both Malcolm and Reese are incompetent and wishes to stay with Francis. The older boys takes offense and the three start fighting. During that fight, the boys injure themselves and causing Francis to break up their fight. He reprimands Malcolm, Reese and Dewey for their immaturity, pointing out that if their parents does die, they'll end up living with him in New Mexico. As Hal takes the three boys to the hospital, Lois sadly admits that they're the worst parents in the world and are unsure if they can handle raising another baby in a house full of chaos. Francis comforts her in all of this.
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