Craig Feldspar is a recurring character and co-worker at the Lucky Aide with Lois. It was made obvious on numerous occasions that Craig is in love with Lois regardless of the fact that she's married to Hal.


In Softball, it is revealed that Craig, nicknamed "The Satan Hammer", plays for the Lucky Aide softball team and remarks to a disbelieving Malcolm that he had been scouted by the "Kyoto Crazy Phantoms". He then makes a diving play on a seemingly unplayable ball to prove his ability. He appears frequently in the show, especially during later seasons, as his character becomes more entwined with Lois and her family. After entrusting his house and cat ("Jelly Bean") to Dewey's care while he is away, and the resulting fire that destroys it, he lives with Malcolm's family for a short time until the boys' scheme to cover their tracks ends up getting him out. As pitiful as his life is, Craig much prefers this over being under the rule of his fitness-minded father who owns a successful chain of gyms. The series ends with Reese Wilkerson moving out of the house and becoming Craig's roommate.

Though he thinks himself a close friend of the Family, the truth is they really can't stand Craig and like everyone else, find him irritating and insufferable.

In the season 4 episode "Forwards Backwards", Hal had a bad time trying to buy a comic book for Malcolm's birthday and, despite Lois' admonitions, he had to seek Craig's help with the negotiations. However, his constant demanding drove him crazy and an insult led to him abandoning Hal. Later on, Craig was able to save Hal from buying a bad comic book mark-up and forced the owner, Dean, to negotiate for a better comic book. Craig first thought of this as the beginning of a friendship between him and Hal. But when He invited Hal to a comic convention, Hal refused, mentioning he has a life

He was also enlisted by Reese after he got his driver's license suspended in "Malcolm Holds His Tongue". However, Craig had plans of his own and intentionally passed the concert. When Reese and Alison complained, he snapped and tells him that he had planned this outing for 34 years and will not let them ruin it. Alison responded by spaying Craig's eyes with a can of mace and left him with Reese.

In the season 5 episode "Malcolm's Job", it is revealed in the Lucky Aide trainee video that Craig was once a district manager at the Lucky Aide. When Malcolm confronts him about his appearance in the video, Craig ignores him and pretends to take notes. In Watching the Baby, Crag was demoted after several complaints made along with Hal leading his co-workers to rebel against him

In the season 6 episode "Living Will" Craig has issues with his athletic and fit father, Vic Feldspar, who owns multiple gyms. He once tricked Craig into believing his mother was fit and would be thoroughly disappointed in him if she saw him obese. However, Malcolm foils that plan when he reveals a photo of Craig's mother in Vic's wallet, proving the opposite. After learning the truth, Craig stood up to his father again.


Craig is described as an unassuming man on the outside. However, he as also shown to be annoying, insufferable and spineless, which is why no one likes him too much.

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  • Craig is also a well known level 45 Dungeon-Master.
  • Craig is also known to have extensive knowledge on rare comic books, which proved useful against Dean(who had no idea what is a rare comic book from a reprint.
  • Craig has a pet cat named Jellybean.
  • Craig's apartment number is 69420666.