Cynthia's Back is the fourteenth episode of the third season. The season brings back the Krelboyne girl, Cynthia who is now blossoming into a young woman which makes her moody.

Plot Edit

A moody Cynthia returns from Europe and Malcolm discovers it's because she was hiding more developed figure, in particular, her big breasts. When Reese finds out about this, he tries to date her with the objective of getting a peek at her breasts. Malcolm outsmarts him by asking him Cynthia's name in front of her, which Reese hadn't bothered to learn. Desperate, he grabs her breasts in a last attempt and Cynthia beats him up. Meanwhile, Lois' friend Karen tells her that she kissed Hal on New Year's Eve, but he denies it completely and also confesses to Lois that he doesn't even think about other women, and Lois realizes that Hal loves her more than she loves him. Dewey helps Hal overcome his fear of kite flying. In Alaska, after his drunken roommates steal a totem pole, Francis looks towards it for answers in his life.

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