Dewey's Special Class is the 18th episode of Season 5 and the 103rd episode overall.


Dewey is asked to take an IQ test by his counselor. Fearing that the IQ test is the same test that got him placed with the Krelboyne class, Malcolm plans to sabotage Dewey's test. Trying to convince Dewey to throw the test and failing, he enlists Reese's help. However, his poor test taking skills lands Dewey in the emotionally disturbed Buseys class, rather than keep him in the normal education. Feeling guilty for it, Malcolm tries to convince the counselor to retest Dewey. Despite being sympathetic to his plight, she tells Malcolm she can't do anything about it and he'll have to wait until then. This makes him worried because if Lois finds out about him and Reese sabotaging Dewey, they'll suffer a lengthy grounding. Meanwhile, Hal is recruited by Craig to be his partner playing Jump Jump Dance (a parody of Dance Dance Revolution) at a restaurant arcade. Reese tries to figure out what kind of genius he is. In the end after taking over the class from the teacher, Dewey tells Lois about Malcolm's actions, which not only gets him grounded but also Reese because he's the one who took the test.


Malcolm coaches Dewey on how to "throw" an IQ test so he will not end up in the Krelboyne class. When he refuses and announces his intent to join the Krelboynes, Malcolm enlists Reese to take the test for Dewey. However, his poor test taking skills lands Dewey in the emotionally disturbed "Busey" class instead of keeping him in the regular class.

Malcolm feels guilty for the whole thing and tries to get Dewey out of the class. At Dewey's school, he speaks to the school counselor and tries to convince her to retest his younger brother. Malcolm tells the counselor that Lois is a recovering addict who had a "relapse" the morning of Dewey's test, which accounts for Dewey scoring the way he did. He also insists that the counselor NOT contact Lois about the matter. While sympathetic to his plight, she informs Malcolm that she can't do anything but assures Malcolm that she will only communicate with his father from now on. This makes Malcolm worried because if Lois finds out that he and Reese sabotaged Dewey's test, they'll face a lengthy grounding.

Meanwhile, Reese tries to figure out what type of genius he is. After failing at several attempts (including "Hypnotist", "Archbishop", "Dictator for Life", "Skyscraper Repairman", "twin", "fireproof" and "talks to animals") Reese moves on to the next items on his list of potential genius vocations.

After Dewey teaches Hanson why the sound of an approaching motorcycle sounds different than the sound of a retreating motorcycle (the Doppler effect), Dewey realizes that his classmates aren't disturbed as much as they are starved for stimulation. Dewey then leads the class out of the classroom and to a takeover of the Krelboyne class whereupon the Busey's seize musical instruments, books and other supplies and return to their classroom to actually start learning. Because of his actions in taking over the class from the incompetent teacher, Dewey becomes the Busey's leader.

Hal and Craig enter a Dance Dance Revolution-style contest. When Craig suffers an injury, Hal tries to turn to a kid who knows his and Craig's routine. The kids helps only after demanding that if they win - he get the prize (two free pizzas)

The next day, Dewey confesses to Lois about Malcolm's plot that got him sent to the Busey's class. Reese rushes in to excitedly tell Dewey that he's finally figured out what kind of genius he is. Reese proceeds to punch Dewey on the top of the head, knocking him to the floor. "There it was, just staring me in the face... C'mon Dewey, please stay awake. I've got so much to show you!" Reese tells Dewey, implying that Reese's genius superpower is bullying. However, Reese's mood is soured when Lois appears and grounds him alongside Malcolm, because he's the one who took the test.


  • First appearances of David Hanson, Zoe Desenea, and Chad.
  • Much like how the gifted class has the nickname "The Krelboynes", this episode shows that the school also has an emotionally disturbed class called "The Buseys".
  • Jump Jump Dance Party is a parody on Dance Dance Revolution.
  • The songs that play on Jump Jump Dance party throughout the episode are Milkshake by Kelis, The Hampsterdance, a remake of Double Dutch Bus originally by Frankie Smith, a remix of All Around the World by Cooler Kids, and a remake of Sometimes When We Touch originally by Dan Hill.
  • Lois called Hal and Craig "Fred and Ginger". This was a reference to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Two famous dance partners that were featured in many movies about them.
  • After being called "Fred and Ginger", Craig said "I thought they were Fred and Barney", referring to Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble from The Flintstones.
  • Bryan Cranston (Hal) said in an interview that he and Dave Higgins (Craig), had to practice playing six weeks of "Jump Jump Dance Party" in order to prepare for their roles in this episode.
  • Bryan Cranston's dancing sequence received an Emmy award nomination for "Outstanding Choreography".