Dick is a character who appeared in the episode Bomb Shelter.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Dick was a guy who went to Malcolm's dance class with him. Right off the bat, when Dick saw him signing up, he saw him as competition and started intimidating him. He came up to him and started dancing, to show him what kind of person he was up against. Malcolm didn't care, though, because he was more focused on Hannah. Dick continued to threaten and trash talk Malcolm, much to his indifference. When Malcolm was paired up with Danielle, Dick made more annoying comments toward them, to which Malcolm and Danielle finally did respond to with sarcastic replies. He was never seen at the end, so it is unknown what happened to him in the competition.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Dick is a tall and thin guy with short, dark brown hair. He always wears half shirts that show off his body from the bottom of his ribcages to his lower stomach. His half shirts consist of a black half shirt with the word "Dance" on it, a bright red half shirt, and a light blue sleeveless crop top. He wears dark black pants and dance shoes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Dick is a very competitive dancer, who holds a lot of conflict with the other dancers in the class. He is extremely compassionate about his dancing, believing that he can express his emotions through dancing. He also thinks that shirts restrain his body from fully performing any dance moves, so he only wears crop tops, exposing half of his body in order to dance the way he wants to.

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