Dinner Out is the fourth episode of Season 2 of Malcolm in the Middle and the twentieth episode overall of the show.


The family has a dinner date with the Kenarbans, who start to pick up the bad habits of Malcolm and his family: Abe gets drunk with Hal, Stevie punches Reese, and Kitty makes a scene by yelling at Stevie in front of everyone. With Spangler's mother visiting, the academy is free for the cadets, and so Francis invites a group of local girls to a party at Marlin Academy, which they promptly destroy. Francis goes to Spangler to tell him about the party, and together they try to limit the damage.


When the Kenarbans and the Wilkersons go out for dinner, things start going out hand. Abe and Hal get drunk, Kitty goes crazy and Reese pushed Stevie "a bit too far" with the circle game. Stevie fights back and this leads to both her and Lois yelling at both him and Reese.

Meanwhile at Marlin Academy, Francis invites a group of local girls for a party who trashes the place and they're forced to called in Spangler to get the girls out. This just so happens to be on the night his mother is visiting the school in his attempt at reconciliation. Together, Francis and Spangler tries to limit the damages.

In the end, the Wilkersons and the Kenarbans are both banned from the restaurant for their behavior. Reese and Stevie are grounded by Lois and Kitty for fighting.

Trivia Edit

  • The circle game that Reese and Malcolm play has become a popular joke in real life
  • This episode marks the 2nd time the Wilkerson family were banned from a public place: a restaurant due to Reese and Stevie fighting. The first time was in Traffic Jam. The last time they would get banned on screen is in Forwards Backwards.