Dinner Out is the fourth episode of Season 2 of Malcolm in the Middle and the twentieth episode overall of the show.


The family has a dinner date with the Kenarbans, who start to pick up the bad habits of Malcolm and his family: Abe gets drunk with Hal, Stevie punches Reese, and Kitty makes a scene by yelling at Stevie in front of everyone. With Spangler's mother visiting, the academy is free for the cadets, and so Francis invites a group of local girls to a party at Marlin Academy, which they promptly destroy. Francis goes to Spangler to tell him about the party, and together they try to limit the damage.


Lois informs the family that the Kenarbans have invited them to go to dinner at their favorite restaurant. However, Hal and the boys doesn't want to go and tries to get out of it by coming up with excuses in not going. Lois puts her foot down because this isn't something they can get out of and she thinks it would be good for them to go out once in a while without causing trouble. She also hopes that the Kenarbans' good nature and manners rubs off on her family because Hal and her sons lack them.

Meanwhile at Marlin Academy, Spangler tells his cadets that his mother is coming over after 23 years of not speaking with him. He tells them and especially Francis that he will not tolerate any misbehavior, tomfoolery or troublemaking distractions. If any of the cadets violates Spangler's rules of conduct, they'd be punish.

When the Kenarbans and the Wilkersons go out for dinner, things start going out hand. Abe and Hal get drunk, Kitty goes crazy and Reese pushed Stevie "a bit too far" with the circle game. Stevie fights back and this leads to both her and Lois yelling at both him and Reese. Kitty tells her son that they're in a public place and fighting isn't allowed here. When the waiter asks her to calm down, she calls him out for forgetting her simple drink order by giving her something she hates. Reese claims Stevie attacked him, but Lois tells him off that he deserved it for being a bonehead for picking on Stevie. When she and Kitty notices Abe and Hal drunk, they both yell at their husbands for their behavior. Finally, the manager tells both families to pay for the bill and get out of the restaurant.

Francis violates Spangler's warning and invites a group of local girls for a party who trashes the place. When the cadets realized how things got out of control, they're forced to called in Spangler to get the girls out. This just so happens to be on the night his mother is visiting the school in his attempt at reconciliation. Together, Francis and Spangler tries to limit the damages the girls are causing at the school. The next morning, they and the other cadets are trying to assess the damages done by the girls. Francis and Eric finds a cadet on the ground reveling on the best night he had in his life with one of the girls.

In the end, Malcolm explains that the restaurant was angered with both the Wilkersons and the Kenarbans. He mentioned that they were furious over Hal and Abe drunken debauchery, Reese and Stevie fighting, and Lois and Kitty's loud yelling at their husbands and the two boys. Malcolm also explains that because of those infractions caused by both families, they got a lifetime ban from the restaurant and aren't allowed to return. Malcolm reveals that Lois and Kitty were very embarrassed by the whole thing that they banned Hal and Abe from drinking again. He also mentions that they have also grounded Reese and Stevie for their fight. Plus, he is happy over how interesting that dinner out of the house became for him and Dewey.

Trivia Edit

  • The circle game that Reese and Malcolm play has become a popular joke in real life
  • This episode marks the 2nd time the Wilkerson family were banned from a public place: a restaurant due to Reese and Stevie fighting. The first time was in Traffic Jam. The last time they would get banned on screen is in Forwards Backwards.