Edward "Ed" is a neighbor of The Wilkersons. He usually comes up and complains about things that The Wilkersons do. He first appeared in the episode Red Dress.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ed first appeared in the episode Red Dress, coming up to The Wilkerson House, to nicely complain about how Lois' screaming woke him up in the middle of the night. Lois just closed the door in his face, ignoring him.

He appeared again in the episode Shame. He must have lost his niceness and hesitance to complain in this episode because he, along with a lot of other neighbors were angrily making complaints at The Wilkerson House again, nagging Hal and Lois for cutting down their tree.

In the episode Hal Coaches, Ed comes over and gives Malcolm his old computer in exchange for him setting up a new one for him and for Reese mowing his lawn and building a gazebo for him. Malcolm, Reese, and Stevie them look through his old e-mails and find out that he's been having affairs with multiple married women in the neighborhood including Mrs. Goodwin, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Conlin, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Beltz, and Mrs. Swanbeck. Reese was later seen unhappily working in Ed's backyard, where he spilled the beans about him cheating, out of anger. Ed begged him not to tell anyone and Reese took advantage of him, turning the tables so that Ed would have to work for him. One day, Reese's guidance councilor met Ed while he was taking Reese home from school, and mistook him for his father. She told him a lot of information about Reese that Ed held against him. He said that Reese had better go back to working for him, or else he'd tell his parents what he did. He convinced Reese that he was more scared of his wife than Reese was of his mom, so Reese couldn't tell her about any of Ed's affairs.

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