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Eraserhead, played by Will Jennings, is one of Malcolm's krelboyne classmates. His real name is Kyle. He is seen less frequently than the other Krelboynes. He is shown to have a talent for playing the piano, much like Dewey, and often gets involved in class theater productions.

His first major appearance is in Shame, and makes cameos in the classroom thereafter. He has an older brother who beats up Reese in the episode Krelboyne Picnic after he is caught tormenting Eraserhead. He is bullied by Stevie.

After season 2, Eraserhead must have left the school, possibly to be transferred, as he was never seen in the series again. After his absence, Kevin was a new character, introduced to take his place as the fourth friend in the main friend circle.

Episode Appearances[]


  • He is named after the 1977 David Lynch film Eraserhead, due to his hairstyle's resemblance to that of the film's main character, Henry Spencer, played by Jack Nance.