Future Malcolm is the 19th episode of season 4 of Malcolm in the Middle.

Summary: Edit

A very pregnant Lois really want to lose weight but Hal has other plans and Dewey is "Talking To The Baby" And Malcolm meets a guy at the park just like him and Piama And Francis do an art class.


  • Jason Alexander (Leonard) also plays George Castansa in the hit television series Seinfeld (Bryan Cranston, who played Hal, had a recurring role on Seinfeld). Lois She Gaining A Lot Of Weight In This Episode

Quotes Edit

  • I'm eating it - because I have to stop Gaining weight.
  • So this morning, Dewey tried to go to school in his underwear because apparently the baby doesn't like his wardrobe.
- The kid is driving me - up the wall, - And I keep gaining weight - like crazy.
- More than a - pound a day.
- Nobody gains - a pound a day