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Future Malcolm is the 19th episode of season 4 of Malcolm in the Middle.


Malcolm meets a guy at the park just like him; Francis takes up nude modeling; Dewey is "Talking To The Baby"; Hal tries to fatten Lois up.


  • Jason Alexander (Leonard) also plays George Costanza in the hit television series Seinfeld (Bryan Cranston, who played Hal, had a recurring role on Seinfeld).
    • Leonard's bully's name in the show is George. This is likely an nod to Jason Alexander's character on Seinfeld.
  • The Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Recreation Center was once again used as a shooting location. The chess tables were set up at a pathway north of the center.[1]
  • Hal likes it when Lois is really big, so he tries to fatten her up.
  • It's ironic that Leonard is presumably supposed to be Malcolm in the future if Lois hadn't controlled his life. The more probable candidate for that is his enemy and teacher Mr. Herkabe due to their similar personalities.
  • Leonard mentions he sells toner over the phone. On the show Friends, Jason Alexander guest starred in an episode where he met Pheobe who was selling toner over the phone.
  • Like Clip Show #2, Reese didn't have much of a major appearance in this episode. only appearing in the cold open, a brief scene where He, Dewey and Hal were sitting on the couch and a scene in the middle of the episode where Dewey pulls a prank on him all because "The Baby" told Dewey to do so.


Lois: Inside mister. Baby didn't tell you to drive the car.
Dewey: It didn't say car. It was more like a go machine, but you know what I mean.
[Lois notices Hal has a cooler and a cake.]
Lois: What's this?
Hal: Somebody had a birthday at the office and nobody ate it since it's fat free.

Leonard: This is a terrible idea.
Malcolm: No, this is just what you need. Remember? A job, people, a life?
Leonard: But why here?
Malcolm: Because this is the only guy I know that would trade a job interview for a Hong Kong Phooey lunchbox.

Lois: I'm eating it because I need to stop gaining weight. I've turned into a gigantic fat cow.
Hal: Oh, you have not.
Lois: Even the doctor said so.
Hal: You're eating for two now! What kind of doctor doesn't know that?