Gina is Dewey's love interest in the episode Malcolm Defends Reese. She is a girl who goes to his school who is friends with him.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Gina was Dewey's school girl crush. He was afraid to talk to Gina for a long period of time, much less ask her out. So, Hal helped him with it. Hal brought Dewey and Gina closer together as friends. He then told Dewey to send her some peanut filled candies as a way to make her love him and than later go to her house and ask her out. Dewey did this, but by the time he got to her door, Gina's face was swelling because she was allergic to peanuts and her angry father confronted him. Hal freaked out upon seeing her father and bailed on Dewey. Later on, Dewey blamed him for not defending him against her father. How he wished he had asked Lois for her help in trying to ask Gina out and tells Hal to stay out his business.

Realizing how much he hurt Dewey, Hal tries to make things right. He tries to convince Gina to talk to Dewey and promised her candy without peanuts. An elderly neighbor named Mrs. Conlin notices this exchange and calls the police on Hal believing that he's being a sexual predator with intent to molest Gina. In the end, Dewey and Gina bump into each other and agree to sit by each other at lunch, presumably repairing their friendship.

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