Hal's Birthday is the fifteenth episode of the third season of Malcolm in the Middle, which was broadcast on March 3, 2002.

Summary Edit

Lois arranges for Francis to come home on Hal's birthday as a surprise. Francis arrives with Piama (Emy Coligado), revealing to the family that she is his new wife.

Malcolm, Dewey, and Reese are immediately sent to bed while arguments rage on between Lois and Francis, ruining Hal's birthday. Meanwhile, the boys, upset that their parents don't care about their opinions, sneak off to a hotel with Hal's credit card to start a new life

Trivia Edit

  • Hal and Francis drive past the hamster in the orange ball that Dewey had set free in the episode Health Scare. This is the third time the hamster is seen in the series. ("Health Scare", "Poker", "Reese Drives")


[The Wilkersons are all sitting at the table, there are burnt out candles on the cake and Hal is waiting to eat it.]

(Hal) We've been waiting for twenty minutes, Lois. When can we eat?

(Lois) [Slightly nervous] Hal, we have to wait for the ice cream to loosen up. You know you like it soft.

(Hal) No, I don't.

(Dewey) Yes you do!

(Malcolm) In fact, so do we! We ALL do!

(Lois) Since when?

(Reese) Since yesterday [winks]

(Hal) What happened yesterday?

(Reese) Dad, just be patient. This isn't a witch hunt! Just calm down, and whatever happens, is going to happen!

(Hal) [Slightly panicked] What are you talking about?

[Reese exchanges a nervous glance at the rest of the Wilkersons.]

(Reese) What I'm trying to say, is we're going to get through this together, as a family... [long pause] ...and as individuals! [longer pause] [Malcolm is looking at Reese with a worried expression on his face.]

(Reese) in this great country, where we live.

[The house is silent for about two seconds as everyone looks at Reese with a (you better not spoil this) look]

[The silence is shattered by the doorbell ringing.]

(Lois) [Relieved] Thank God!