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Hal's Dentist is the seventeenth episode of season seven of Malcolm in the Middle.


Hal gets a horrible tooth ache, but lucky for him, his friend Trey is a dentist. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Dewey lose all the excitement in their lives.

The boys are walking down the road completely bored with Reese claiming it's so boring it almost makes ditching school seem pointless. Reese then sees a dead squirrel and tells his brothers their week just filled up, but Malcolm and Dewey aren't interested as the squirrel will stop being interesting after a while and just emd up in their closet with the other squirrel corpses. Reese tells them it's their loss and decides to go on his own.

Later Malcolm and Dewey sit on the side of the road still completely bored with Dewey wondering if they should go see what Reese is up to with the squirrel, but Malcolm knows Reese too well and knows that all the good parts are gone. He then realizes nothing exciting ever happens in Studio City and wishes that something interesting would happen. Just then a mattress falls out of the sky right in front of them, Dewey is in shock that they even have boring miracles. Malcolm concludes it must've fallen from a plane and realizes that it is brand new with tags. They decide to try it out and do stuff it's like sitting on a cloud with another cloud underneath. Dewey wonders if the mattress could be worth some money, Malcolm debates whether they should sell it or keep it and decide to test it out. After falling asleep on the mattress until nightfall they conclude they are keeping the mattress and carry it home.


  • When Lois informs Hal about his infection, Linwood Boomer, the creator makes a "cameo" as Hal says he will visit a doctor named Dr. Voorhees.
  • Reese finds Lois trying to ride a bicycle here.
  • In this episode, Dewey and Malcolm have swapped sides of the bed. Traditionally, Malcolm sleeps further from the door and closer to Reese's bed, but in this episode Dewey sleeps in this spot and Malcolm sleeps in Dewey's traditional spot.
  • The final appearance of Hal's poker buddies (Malik, Trey, Brian, and Steve) and as a group too.