Humilithion is the second episode of season four of Malcolm in the Middle.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

It's Malcolm's first day of high school, but on the first day, he's already embarrassed by his mom and gets a nickname that'll stick with him for life. Meanwhile, Francis finally has a boss who is kind and accommodating but learns that this comes with its own challenges.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In the beginning scene, Francis calls Hal and offers to send home money to help pay bills. Hal however thinks that Francis is asking for money, telling him they can't send him money. After a back and forth conversation where Francis tries to tell Hal that he's trying to send the family money. Lois finally explains that Francis got himself a job in New Mexico as a ranch hand manager and that he'll send the money.

Malcolm goes to high school for his first day. Unlike everyone else, Malcolm is very excited for his first day. Lois and Hal have to do work for the school for the first week. Also, Lionel Herkabe is working at the new school. When Malcolm first gets there, his old friends are very embarrassing and he tries avoiding them in order to keep himself from being bullied like he was in middle school.

With the new schedule going on, Dewey gets to stay at home alone for a large amount of the day and begins to enjoy his life at home, not having to put up with his annoying brothers and his mean parents.

Francis's new boss, Otto is being way too nice to the other co-workers by giving them all vacations and time off, meaning that he's the only one who has to do all of the work.

When Malcolm gets his textbook for the year, he notices that there is a bunch of vandalism and torn out pages in it and it's in extremely poor quality. He goes to return it, but the lady assumes that he's the one who destroyed it. So, he goes to his mom, who is someone else, giving out textbooks for the school. When he does, Lois notices a stain on his pants and starts cleaning it and complaining about it in front of everyone. The next day, Malcolm has the nickname 'Stain' being given to him and he is stuck with this nickname for the rest of his life. His old friends watch and Stevie says that he's being punished for ignoring them.

Hal gets in trouble with Mr. Herkabe for neglecting his work, which gets him expelled from his work at the school.

Malcolm is sitting at lunch all alone because nobody likes him. His old friends come back and say they forgive him for ignoring them. Malcolm tells them that he wants to be known as someone likable in front of the other high schoolers and he really cares about other people's opinions on him. He knows he has been egotistical and self-absorbed all that time due to his own problems with Lois humiliating him on his first day at the school. All Malcolm wanted was a normal teenage life away from his mom. Having learned about this, Reese appears and suggests that he gets into serious amounts trouble like Francis did when he was still in high school. Malcolm could show their mother that she's not in control of his future by committing a felony and embarrassing her in return. That way Lois will be so humiliated and angry at him for pulling a similar rebellious streak to Francis, she will have to ship Malcolm off to Marlin Academy right away.

One night, Francis has thought about quitting and plans to tell Otto. He appears and grateful to Francis' help. Otto give him a truck and time off to be with Piama, allowing Francis to reconsider quitting.

Fed up with Lois's humiliation, Malcolm takes up Reese's suggestion and decides to crash Hal's car so he can be sent to military school like Francis was. He gets into Hal's car and starts driving it hoping to ram it into another car. Reese attempts to stop him stating he'll have to run him over before he moves because he cannot be stuck alone with Lois, as soon as Malcolm revs the engine Reese immediately chickens out and runs off. When Cynthia sees this, she furiously tells Malcolm off that if he goes through with his plans, she'll never sleep with him again. Although he knows he's in a lot of trouble, he loves the idea of everyone in school thinking he's had sex. His happiness is short lived as Lois hauls him out of the car. In the end, Malcolm is grounded for humiliating Lois by trying to ram her car into Hal's.

At breakfast the next morning, Hal and Lois ask Dewey how he's been doing with his latchkey responsibilities. Dewey claims he's adjusted to them but Hal then claims he no longer has to after he rearranges his schedule so he can get home earlier and asks Dewey to helphim clean out the garage the upcoming weekend. Dewey realizes he needs to get rid of the piano since his time to himself is now over.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Malcolm starts going to North High School in this episode.
  • His High School set (specifically the inner schoolyard portion) was built on the same site on the CBS Studio Center as his Middle School.[1]
  • Exterior shots, especially those involving Herkabe, were shot in front of Ulysses S. Grant High School here.[1]
  • In this episode, Dewey is shown to be a musical prodigy, which would become a recurring theme in the series.
  • This is Cynthia's last appearance in the series. It is possible that she transferred schools after she ruined her reputation for Malcolm.
  • The song that plays while Dewey is dancing with the broom was "Papa Loves Mambo" by Nat King Cole.
  • The song that Dewey plays on the piano is "Clair De Lune".
  • This episode deviates from the fact that, mostly, the cold openings have nothing to do with the episode they introduce or in fact any other episode. In this case however, Francis has just started working at the Ranch which is in keeping with the events of the last and current episode.

Errors[edit | edit source]

  • Malcolm says that he's been a Krelboyne for four years at one point in this episode. However, since this is the very beginning of his fourth school year, after being deemed a Krelboyne in 6th grade, he has only been a Krelboyne for three years.
  • Cynthia's chest is nowhere near as developed as it was shown to be in Cynthia's Back, proving that to have been fake.
  • Malcolm had strapped on the seat belt when he got into the car to carry out his plan. But when Lois pulled him out, there was no unbuckling of the belt.

References[edit | edit source]

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