Ira Prescott, is a bully of Reese. He is the older brother to Billy.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ira makes his first appearance in "Forbidden Girlfriend". Reese is intimidated by him after an argument which led to Reese getting splashed in mud by his car. Reese takes advantage of Dewey by having him pull pranks for him and letting Billy take the fall for them. With his car ruined and thinking that Billy is Dewey, Ira blames him for the prank, much to their mother's embarrassment and Reese's delight.

With Dewey's help, Ira gets his revenge on Reese for his actions in pranking him and using Billy as his fall guy by beating him up.

Ira makes a brief second appearance in "Malcolm Films Reese", as a student embarrassed over his own secret being exposed.

Ira makes his last appearance in "Reese's Apartment" in which Malcolm tutors him in writing a college acceptance essay. Malcolm gets on a roll and writes the entire rough draft of the essay for him, which Ira takes from him, intending to hand it in as the finished assignment, but Malcolm takes it back later in the episode, tears it up, and encourages Ira to write his own essay. Ira goes on to write his own terrible essay, forgets to send it in with his college application, but he is still accepted anyway. He also says he handed in his essay as his high school math midterm, and inexplicably receives an “A”.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although Malcolm claims that Ira is dumb like Reese, it's only because of his distraction for football.
    • Forbidden Girlfriend proved how smart he was not to fall for Reese's lies.
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