Kevin is a character from the episode Shame. Kevin is a bully who went to Malcolm's elementary school who mainly harasses Malcolm by doing things such as copying him and calling him "stinky". Even crying in order to ruin his reputation.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Kevin made his first and only appearance in the episode Shame. It started with Malcolm playing baseball with Stevie. Malcolm threw the ball to far and when he went to get it, Kevin picked it up before he did. Kevin kept taunting Malcolm with the ball and doing things such as repeating everything he said and calling him "stinky".

Later, Kevin cut in front of Malcolm in the lunch line, and took the last of the frozen pizza. Kevin then came to Malcolm's lunch table and mocked him some more. Chewing pizza in his face and continuing to repeat him. Malcolm tried ignoring it and warned Kevin to get away from him, but Kevin spitting pizza sauce on his face was the final straw. He gets his comeuppance when Malcolm retaliated by beating Kevin up, making all the kids around him and even the lunch lady chant "Fight! Fight! Fight!" for him. Malcolm was amazed by how good he was doing and how easy the fight was going for him.

In the next scene, Kevin was crying (Most likely faking) in the nurse's office and Malcolm was in huge trouble because Kevin turned out to be only 7 years old and in 2nd grade. It was also revealed that it was Kevin's birthday that day and Malcolm had beaten him up. Malcolm was completely guilt-tripped by the school staff, being called a "thug" and many other things. Malcolm had to deal with this for the entire episode.

Later in the episode, his brother came up to him and confronted Hal because of his son beating up Kevin. He pushed Hal and repeated him, doing all the same things that Kevin did to Malcolm. Hal then beat him up, only to realize that he was only a 15 year old boy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It must be a genetic trait in his family for people to be much bigger than the normal size for their age because he and his brother are both extremely big and tall for being 7 and 15.
  • He was seen crying in the nurse's office after his beating. it is possible that he fake-cried to ruin Malcolm's life.(Even though he deserved the beating.)
  • It is impossible for the large man to be Kevin's father because he would've had to have had sex with a girl at the age of 8.
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