Krelboyne Picnic is the eighth episode of Season 1 of Malcolm in the Middle and the eighth episode overall of the show.


Malcolm's class demonstrates their abilities at a picnic. Both Lois and Hal pretend to be asleep so they do not have to be the one to wake up and sort out Malcolm, Reese and Dewey


Disasters abound at a gifted kids' picnic, where stage acts bomb, families feud, and Malcolm's dad Hal serves meat to vegetarians. Despite Malcolm's best efforts - feigning sickness, planning to go over the wall with Francis - his family insist on accompanying him to a circus-themed picnic for the Krelboyne class, whom must each perform for the assembled students and families.

Once there, Lois immediately feuds with Dorene, the loud-mouthed mother who dominates the other parents; Reese plans to "kick Krelboyne butt" and is hoist by his own petard (okay, underpants) by Eraserhead's much bigger brother; Francis goes through an entire romantic relationship in the course of the single afternoon; and Hal grosses out the entire class by sneaking real meat into their vegetarian barbecue. When a desperate Malcolm turns Stevie's demonstration of catalysts into a gigantic stink bomb, Caroline is convinced she will be fired - so Malcolm must go on and quell the crowd by demonstrating his ability to do advanced mathematics in his head. He memorizes two random credit card numbers instantly and starts to rattle off increasingly complicated sums, stunning everyone including his family as they witness first-hand just how smart Malcolm is.

The day is saved, however Malcolm worries that the family will treat him differently now. However, they simply subject him to the usual teasing and mild insults showing him that nothing has changed before heading for a burger.

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