Kristin Peterson (played by Christel Khalil) is a girl who appeared in the episode Lois Strikes Back. She is the first girl to ask Reese to be her boyfriend.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Kristin asked Reese to go on a date with her and Reese became so excited, that he completely overthought what he should do on his date and wore a tuxedo and carried a balloon and box of chocolates for her. Kristin, and her friends, Diane, Heidi, and Paula went to Reese's house and rang the doorbell. When Reese open the door, instead of Kristin being there, there was a pig there with a note tied around it's neck that read "Cindy" as well as a balloon that said "I love Reese". Kristin and her friends were standing there, laughing at him, and taking pictures. They had stood Reese up and pulled a nasty, horrible prank on him, humiliating him in front of his family and then later, the school. Reese was so overwhelmed with shame that he went into a depression where he couldn't even bare to move or talk.

When Lois heard about what those girls did to him, she became so infuriated, that she vowed to put those horrible bullies to justice for emotionally hurting her son. She got the yearbook and searched for the four girls who were picking on Reese. When she found them, she went to the principal to have them be punished. However, the principal was no help at all because when he heard the news, all he was doing was laughing at the story and failing to contain his joy. After this, Lois had given up on taking care of things the proper way, and decided to take matters into her own hands. Instantly after leaving the principal's office, she saw Kristin in the hallway, being completely happy and unjiustified. It was at this point that Lois vowed revenge upon her and the three other girls that made mockery of Reese.

Of all the girls Lois got revenge on, Kristin was the first on her hit list. Lois was siting in her car when she saw Kirstin, leaving her cheerleading practice. She was heading to her skeeter and put on her helmet. Lois smiled when she did this because as revealed later, Lois put glue on Kirstin's helmet. When she got to school, she took her helmet off, but there was so much gum and goo in there, that her hair got hair stuck on the helmet and it helmet wouldn't come off. She had been humiliated in front of everyone at her school. It was later mentioned that all that gum was so stuck in there, that she had been forced to shave off her hair.

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