Lavernia played by Brenda Wehle is Francis and Eric's cruel and heartless boss at the Alaskan lodge.

She served as an antagonist in Season 3.


Lavernia first appeared in the episode Charity, where Francis first applied for a job at the Alaskan lodge. Lavernia immediately gave him the job, and immediately started showing her cruel and hateful feelings for him.

She has been nice to him only once in Hal Coaches. This was only because Piama took her parakeet hostage and refused to give it back until Lavernia treated him better. This is the only time she ever showed compassion for ANYTHING at all. Her compassion wanes when Francis comes back to work with her prized parakeet having frozen to death, even after he had to apologize for Piama's behalf. Lavernia also shows pride in her work as shown when she was offered a bet over a hockey game she responded saying she earns her money with honor and pride. Eventually she closes down the lodge and fires her worker's after they cut down all the trees on the company's land and a mining operation buys it, Lavernia's last appearance was in the Season 3 finale episode, Monkey.


Lavernia rules over her workers with an iron fist, charging them so much for everything from food to sheets that they end up owing her money. No one really has the guts to stand up to her because she is a woman. The only one seen standing up to her is Francis, which results in a violent fist-fight between them. But mostly she is loved for her huge cleavage.

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  • Her name implies that she comes from French descent.