Lloyd Jensen, played by Evan Matthew Cohen, is one of Malcolm and Stevie's Krelboyne classmates, and best friend for the first four seasons of the show.


Lloyd is portrayed as nerdy, physically and emotionally frail, and overly dramatic. As a Krelboyne, Lloyd is often bullied by his fellow classmates, including Reese, and often suffers the consequences of schemes with which he helps Malcolm, much like the relationship Francis and Eric have. He mentions having a sister.

Lloyd suffers from anger displacement tendencies and major self esteem issues, which he regularly sees the school therapist, Mrs. Gilbert, for. He has been publicly humiliated several times, most famously during the Krelboyne Picnic in which his braces get stuck to an extremely powerful magnet he built. (Krelboyne Picnic) It is lightly hinted that he is suicidal, as stated by Dabney, that the majority of his plans end in suicide, and that he has made a death pact more than once. He also takes enjoyment in more feminine activities than typical boys, such as when Malcolm and Reese were exchanging cash for items they found donated to the charity they were working for, Lloyd asked for a toy tea set.

Lloyd was separated from his Krelboyne clique, due to an experiment in the class going horribly wrong, and he had to join a mainstream education class. Upon doing so, he had to join a new clique. Lloyd fit in perfectly with the Goth clique after reciting a line from Dante's Inferno and eventually becoming their leader. The goths later turned on him and Lloyd was shunned back to the Krelboyne class. (Cliques)

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • Like Dabney, Lloyd is attracted to Malcolm, as seen when the two of them discussed how Malcolm's enticing eyes made it difficult to say no to him, both letting out a romantic sigh.
  • Like Malcolm's other Krelboyne friends he appears less frequently during season 4, eventually leaving only Stevie as his friend. Interestingly, Lloyd is an undergraduate house at Caltech, a university well known for its emphasis on the natural sciences and engineering.
  • He mentions to have a third nipple. (Cynthia's Back)