Lois' Birthday is the third episode of Season 2 of Malcolm in the Middle and the nineteenth episode overall of the show.


When Lois discovers how little her family thinks of her with Malcolm, Reese and Dewey spending money for themselves and Hal completely forgetting her birthday, she runs away from home. Francis finds out about this and doesn't hesitate to discipline his brothers for their selfishness.

Summary Edit

Lois's meager hopes for a happy birthday are dashed when Hal forgets the day completely along with Reese, Malcolm, and Dewey spending the money she'd given them for candy, a present that they bought for themselves. At her wits end, Lois runs away from home. Craig hides in the car hoping to surprise her with an expensive foot spa that he bought for her. Lois stops the car and kicks him out before leaving to go to a batting cage at a local amusement park.

Meanwhile, Francis comes home to celebrate his mom's birthday. He convinces an African woman named Amani that he picked up on a bus to attend a party with him at his mom's house before going to Richie's house for his usual keg party. However, he arrives too late and that Lois is gone. In the house, Francis is really angry Hal, Reese, Malcolm and Dewey for ruining everything for him. He had planned his birthday surprise for Lois to see him and give her an expensive gift he bought for her before taking Amani to Richie's keg party. Francis doesn't hesitate to set his family straight for their selfishness. He points out it's because of them, he's going to have to put his plans on hold and find Lois.

Hal and the boys throw together a makeshift party for her at the batting cages. Lois isn't impress because she feels like it's the best that Hal, Reese, Malcolm and Dewey can give her. She asks them to show her some consideration in future. Hal honestly tells Lois that isn't something they're smart enough to do and can only offer her their total obedience. The lead clown unsympathetically insults Lois by pointing out she should be grateful that they're trying for her and she shouldn't be a shallow bitch to her family. The other clowns agree with the lead clown mentioning that they don't blame Lois' own family for forgetting her birthday as she doesn't deserve it and thinks that she needs a time-out for herself. Hal is offended by this and doesn't hesitate in retaliating by calling the lead clown out for insulting her. He punches the lead clown for it. This kicks off a massive brawl between the boys and the other clowns, and seeing the lengths her family would go to defend her makes Lois realize how much they truly care.


  • Lois turns 38 in the episode.