Lois' Makeover is the tenth episode of the third season of Malcolm in the Middle, which was broadcast on January 27, 2002.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Mortified when she learns that she performs poorly in Lucky Aide secret-shoppers' performance reviews, Lois tries to dress up her appearance, but returns to her normal self when a customer mistakes her for a prostitute.

Hal is re-energized after beating the boys at basketball, until they discover his plans.

In Alaska, Francis' roommate Artie demands to know who has been poking through his underwear drawer and has eaten all of his jerky in his locker. Eric points out that the teeth marks on the bag indicate that it is the teeth of a rat. Very shortly, a rat appears in their cabin, even though rats do not exist in Alaska; Francis in fear stands up on a chair, and he crushes the rat when the legs break, Artie, Pete, and Eric are amazed by this. Later, a logger hears about Francis' kill on a rat and asks him to clear out one in his cabin. Francis kills the rat by aiming a rock at it, hitting instead the mirror above causing it to fall and shatter on top of the rat. Very soon Francis becomes the logging camp's rat catcher Nick named "Rat Boy". Suddenly, a blind, elderly nomad claims that he has only caught a bunch of tiny rats, and that the real challenge is Rosemarie -- who claimed by the nomad is "biggest, ugliest, meanest rat North of Kotzebue." Francis gets sent underneath the floors of the main lodge via a trap door and crawls to where Rosemarie resides in, he soon finds a baby rat and learns that the reason why she has a mean, carnivorous attitude is because she is a mother. The baby rat retreats behind a piece of rotting wood, Francis crawls towards it to pry it off but then is ambushed by a litter of baby rats crawling all over him screaming in fear.

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Jane Kaczmerek as Lois
  • Bryan Cranston as Hal
  • Christopher Kennedy Masterson as Francis
  • Justin Berfield as Reese
  • Erik Per Sullivan as Dewey
  • Frankie Muniz as Malcolm

Recurring[edit | edit source]

  • Eric Nenninger as Eric
  • David Anthony Higgins as Craig
  • Sandy Ward as Pete
  • John Ennis as Artie

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Hulu version of this episode, the song that plays while the boys do "the play" in their basketball game against Hal, is not the original song that aired with this episode. The song that originally aired with this episode was "Bring It On" by Handsome Devil. It was announced by Fox Home Entertainment in a statement in 2016 that the reason the show has not released on DVD past Season 1 is due to copyright issues. This is likely the same reason this song was replaced on the streaming platform.
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