Lois Battles Jamie is the eighth episode of season six of Malcolm in the Middle.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Lois is having so much trouble trying to fight with Jamie, that she's actually losing her confidence and succumbing to him. Meanwhile, Reese also feels as though he's losing his touch, and wants to pull off one crazy, out of this world stunt before he completely fades away.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Lois begins to think she is losing her touch when Jamie seems too much for her to handle. After Jaime refuses to eat his peas, hits Lois in the face with a jewelry box, and pushes over the cupboard and almost kills her, she finally breaks. Hal is concerned because of this and tries to help her out. Lois believes that she has finally lost control of this family.

Meanwhile, the boys bring home the diving board as Dewey states moving the board he needs to empty the blood out of his shoes again. Reese tries to think up the craziest possible stunt to pull with it. When asked why he is so obsessed with this, he reveals that he is losing his crazy ways since he is almost an adult and gaining an inner conscience.

The boys attempt to brainstorm what to do with the diving board and they think too far out of the box. Dewey comes up with taking it ice skating because the rink has good hot dogs, Reese claims those hot dogs are inferior to the ones sold at the train station, Dewey questions why a diving board would want to go to a train station, with Reese assuming it might want to visit a relative. Malcolm stops them and the only way to find an idea is to get back in the box. They hear Lois pull up and attempt to hide the diving board. She is so distracted with Jamie's behavior at Gymboree she ignores it completely. Lois tells Jamie he cannot pinch, poke, bite, spit, eyeball gouge or intentionally throw up on other babies as she takes him out of his car seat. She tells the boys Jamie received a lifetime ban from Gymboree and is outraged and astounded by it.

Later she drags a lollipop around the house on a string to draw Jamie out but he is two steps ahead of her by tricking her with a doll as a decoy before tipping over the kitchen cabinet in an attempt to murder her. Lois rolls out of the way just in time but Lois is now terrified by how Jamie has become homicidal towards her.

That night the boys are ordered to clean the kitchen from the destroyed cupboard. Dewey gripes over how unfair Lois is towards them. Malcolm claims that they should give Jamie some credit and points out that Jamie came the closest any of the boys ever got to killing her and now he has hit her where it hurts the hardest and thus breaking her. Dewey questions whether Jamie really was spawned by Satan, Malcolm claims if he was they would have a much nicer house. Reese brings Jamie outside to the board and praises him for being the chosen one because he hasn't been inspired for a long time and asks him to show him the perfect thing to do with the diving board.

Malcolm and Dewey decide to help him out as it is the last chance of the crazy Reese. They devise a plan for Reese to land into a wading pool while having fireworks strapped to himself. Unfortunately, the rotten old diving board cannot hold his weight and collapses, injuring him in the process.

When Hal gives Lois a bath to soothe her trauma he realizes that Lois is losing her confidence after she states Jamie has broken her and he wins, Hal says she can't quit and leave him in charge of the house. So he brings Francis home in order for him to explain to her how was she able to have confidence as a mother. He refuses to relive the past because of how traumatic it was over losing his teddy bear. Lois begs Francis to try again and he reluctantly does. After being yelled at by Hal who is frustrated over her not being strict enough, she finally snaps. Francis attempts to light his teddy bear Mr. Fuzzles on fire with a match and lighter fluid, after seeing this Lois takes control by putting Mr. Fuzzles into the fire place and tells Francis about the danger of fire and how it can kill him and that she lives him and won't let him do dangerous things by burning Mr. Fuzzles along with her hand in order to gain authority over him. Realizing that she's not one to mess with, he goes back to his high chair and put the slider on it. Lois thanks Francis as she attempts to exert control over Jamie by using the same fire tactics on him and presumably burning her hand again. He cries out in misery mourning the loss of his beloved stuffed animal as he eats chocolate bars to comfort him. It turns out that skin from Hal's ass can be used for skin graft for her hand.

In the end and after regaining her confidence, Lois finds out that Reese has been giving Jaime 3-4 cans of energy soda every day and causing him to go berserk. Thus, she ends up grounding Reese for it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Final episode where Reese is a teenager.
  • This episode has a flashback to when Hal and Lois were raising Francis as an only child in their old apartment home. This same setting was seen in the episode Flashback.
  • This episode reveals the cause of Francis' later bad behavior aside not being concerned for Lois while she was at the hospital, is because his teddy bear got burned while she was reprimanding him for playing with fire
  • The song that plays during Francis' first flashback is "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears
  • In the title, Jamie's name is misspelled as "Jaime"
  • This episode shows Lois having an epiphany over being a bad mother for the 3rd time.
  • Lois was shown to be underconfident and petty over Jamie's recent bad behavior, mainly due to her preoccupation that she has been losing her touch as a mother. As such, she didn't realize that Reese was the cause of the whole thing until the end of the episode after she caught him giving Jamie another can of soda instead of juice. Because of this ignorance, Lois ended up grounding him for it.
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