Malcolm Visits College is the sixteenth episode of Season 5 and the 101st episode overall of Malcolm in the Middle.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In the cold opening Lois puts a grapefruit in the fridge and announces to the family there will be no more junk food and from now on they will eat healthy. The grapefruit has spoiled when Malcolm pushes it aside for a slice of pizza, it is further expired when Reese ignores it for a soda instead and is ignored by Dewey in favor of a slice of cake because the grapefruit no longer looked edible. Hal is the one who eventually selects the grapefruit but assumes it is a brownie due to it no longer looking like a grapefruit unaware of the unpleasant surprise taste awaiting him.

Malcolm visits college and isn't too happy with Lois joining him. They meet the college dorm's strict and power-hungry dorm head, Leland. Lois turns the kids against him, determined to get Malcolm safety. However, he doesn't know for who will he vote for: Lois or Leland. After Lois and the other kids are scared away, Leland gives Malcolm immunity, causing him to admit his admiration for Leland in the way he dealt with Lois that reminded him of his older brother, Francis. After Hal refused to buy Dewey a piano, Dewey steals items around the house to drive Hal crazy until he builds one from the items he stole. Reese pretends to be a drug dealer to go out with the school's narc, who turns out to be an undercover cop, ending in his arrest. Francis and Otto try to help out at a daycare, but Otto gets the kids drunk.

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