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The Malcolm in the Middle Book Series Was Published By Scholastic Between 2000-2003. The Books Were Written By David Levithan, Meg Belviso, Pam Bollark, Tom Mason and Dan Danko.

Manga SeriesEdit

Tokyopop Made Exclusively 2 Manga Books For The Series.

Books in the SeriesEdit

  1. Life is Unfair
  2. Water Park
  3. The Bad Luck Charm
  4. The Exchange Student
  5. Malcolm For President
  6. The Hostage Crisis
  7. Krelboyne Parrot
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Book One: Life Is UnfairEdit



'Around Here, Being Smart Is Like Being Radioactive"

Meet Malcolm. People used to think he was weird. But ever since his school put him in a special class for braniacs - they KNOW he is. Good thing his family is so normal. Wait - that must be someone ELSE's family.

Design By Louise Bova

Book Two: Water ParkEdit


A Normal Day With The Family At An Amazing Water Park? Like That Could Ever Happen To Malcolm!

You'd think it would be fun. Wave pools, log flumes, junk food, a whole entire day just to play. You'd think wrong. It's more like nose plugs, punches, pantsing, and hurling down the Liquidator - 'cause Mom (Mum) grabbed your ankle!

Oh yeah, and just when you finally over? You end up in the middle - of the worst traffic jam in the world. And let's not even talk about what Francis is doing. Or where in the world Dewey ended up.

Book based on 01x26 and 02x01

Design By Louise Bova

Book Three: The Bad Luck CharmEdit


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