Marlin Academy Cadets

The Marlin Academy cadets are a group of cadets who attend Marlin Academy, ruled by Commandant Spangler. The most prominent cadets are Eric Hanson and Francis. Richie was temporarily a cadet until he was kicked out after getting his ass kicked by all the other cadets. There is a list of the cadets who attend Marlin Academy.

Cadet Drew Horton, played by Drew Powell, is a minor character from season one and two. he is physically the strongest of the cadets, but emotionally the weakest. As with the other Marlin Academy cadets, he is never seen again after Francis left to work in Alaska.

Cadet Stanley, played by Karim Prince, is a cadet at marlin academy and Francis' friend and informal bodyguard during season one. He is shown to have a hardcore appreciation for military lifestyle. Stanley is shown doing pull ups whilst Francis is holding on to him to add extra weight. He appeared less frequently in season 2.

Cadet Finley, played by Arjay Smith, is a cadet at Marlin Academy and Francis' friend. he gets good grades and does Francis's homework for him. It was noted in one episode that he has a girlfriend and she later broke up with him. Finley was hazed once by the senior classmates who formed a cult called The Brothers of The Apocolapyse.

Eric Hanson, played by Eric Nenninger, is Francis' friend, fellow cadet and unwilling sidekick for the first three seasons. He normally suffered the consequences caused by his shenanigans.Eric is slightly naive and has a slight addiction to pornography. When he turned 18, he quit Marlin Academy and took a logging job in Alaska, prompting Francis to join him. In the final episode of season 3, he was left to hitchhike back home as revenge for even suggesting Alaska.

Francis Wilkerson, played by Christopher Kennedy Masterson, is the oldest sibling of the Wilkerson children and is the biggest troublemaker of all of them, until he became more of a responsible grownup. For the first two seasons, he is a cadet at Marlin Academy and Spangler's most rebellious student. However, he grew up overtime after leaving school and having a steady job.

Cadet Joe, played by Kasan Butcher, is another cadet and Francis' friend at Marlin Academy who appeared in Season 1's Water Park. He had a father whom was interested in the stunts that Francis did at Marlin.

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