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Mr. Edelman is a neighbor of The Wilkersons, who only appeared in "Living Will". Only his feet were ever shown on screen. Edelman was very sick and gave Hal the responsibility of being his executor, putting him in the terrifying position of choosing his fate. He also lived a few houses down from hal

Biography[edit | edit source]

In "Living Will", Mr. Edelman got deathly sick and needed someone to be his executor. He needed an unbiased decision as to whether he should live or die, so he gave his living will to Hal, since he was a long-time neighbor, who he mutually didn't feel strong for. This was very nerve wracking for someone as squeamish and indecisive as Hal, so it was absolute madness for Hal to figure this out. Lois refused to give him any advice, wanting Hal to learn how to make decisions on his own.

At the end of the episode, Hal had finally chosen a "third option", which was better than life or death. It was never explained exactly what this was, but random hints were dropped that only became made the answer more misleading and confusing. Apparently, Hal came to this decision, once he heard about Mr. Edelman being a former birdwatcher and there was something else about a radio shack and a hat.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The third option among life and death may have been explained in the future episode "Christmas Trees". When Hal worked as a Christmas tree salesman, a little girl asked him if the chopped-down Christmas tree her family was buying was "dead". Hal tried to quell her worry, by explaining to her that the tree was neither alive or dead, but rather suspended in a paradigm of both, since it's corpse would still be drinking water, and nourishing itself keeping it in a non-life, non-death state of limbo. It's possible this same kind of logic applied to Hal's decision, enacted on Mr. Edelman, implying that he is currently "in limbo".
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