Mrs. White is Dewey's babysitter in the episode Water Park.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mrs. White made her first appearance in the episode Water Park, where she was hired to babysit Dewey while the rest of his family went to the water park. The babysitting agency that Mrs. White came from had apparently suffered from the last time a babysitter took care of The Wilkersons, because her babysitting Dewey was considered a "second chance". Mrs. White was very disapproving and uninterested in babysitting Dewey and did not allow him to do anything fun. Eventually, she got out a bunch of buttons and let Dewey help her sort them out. They soon started to bond over having the same opinions on buttons and actually became friends. While they talked with each other, Mrs. White revealed that she had an "imaginary friend" named Harold, who was actually her dead husband. Dewey and Mrs. White started dancing together and having a good time, but shortly afterwards, Mrs. White abruptly either had a heart attack or died and was taken away by the paramedics, leaving Dewey unattended and alone.

At the end of the episode Traffic Jam, Lois noticed that Mrs. White was gone and when she asked Dewey where she went, Dewey said "She went away.", leaving Lois to assume he scared her off like he did with their other babysitters. However, he was the only one who never did and it's assumed that he had told Lois about Mrs. White being taken to the hospital and his own trip getting home.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Originally Mrs. White was supposed to kidnap Dewey and take him down south of the border to Mexico. She dyes his hair black and renames him, Pepe
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