Otis is a boa constrictor that was owned by Francis in the episode Stock Car Races. Francis bought a snake so that he could attack Commandant Spangler's dog, Patton, whom the cadets hate very much.

Stock Car Races[edit | edit source]

Francis had bought Otis, a boa constrictor snake from an unknown handler, and showed Stanley where he had stashed Otis: his own foot locker. Despite Stanley's warning to get rid of Otis before Spangler sees him, Francis insists keeping him with intentions to one day attack Spangler prized dog, Patton. One day, Francis forgot to keep his foot locker locked and Otis escaped. He managed to eat Patton alive before escaping into the wild.

A furious Spangler confronted Francis more because he was the owner of Otis and there were snake skin droppings found in his foot locker. Despite denying owning the snake and claiming he was being set up, Spangler doesn't believe Francis and is furious that he's still causing insurrection to his command. After punishing the cadets more with extensive loss of hot water, Spangler leaves. Francis warns the cadets by advising them to send a picture to his mother, Lois, of him beaten up with a sign that says "I Told You So!" on it. The cadets instead congratulated him because he got rid of Patton. They admit that they don't care if they lost another two months of hot water, it was worth it. The cadets revealed that they hated Patton's annoying barking and each time they complained to Spangler, he would ignore them. They mentioned that Francis did them a favor in getting rid of the dog.

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