Poker 2 is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Malcolm in the Middle, which was broadcast on April 21, 2002. This is the second episode named poker.


Hal, Abe, and their friends play extremely well in poker but start to compete over minor issues. Meanwhile, Reese sets Malcolm and Stevie up with two popular girls (Dana Davis and Lindsey Haun), telling them that Stevie is terminally ill;

Malcolm discovers that one of the girls has a semi-automatic handgun and tries to hide it from her, with unintentional results. Meanwhile, Eric suspects that Piama is having an affair and it prompts Francis to return home, where Piama's estranged father has returned. Humiliated, Francis apologizes to Piama for wrongly suspecting her and heads back to work to beat up Eric for lying to him.


  • This is the first episode that was rated TV-14. The reasons why it got this rating was most likely because of the usage of a gun, Stevie lying about having a cancerous tumor in his brain to the girls, and Reese's plan to put Stevie and Chandra into the guest bedroom together so that he could watch them make love.
  • Reese receives absolutely no comeuppance in this episode for his harsh treatment of Dewey and is even able to escape potential punishment from his parents at the end despite the fact he verbally threatened Dewey and destroyed one of his toys. This is one of the few times where Reese has outsmarted Dewey.