Radu Gogorsky is the biological father of Lois Wilkerson and ex-boyfriend of Ida Welker. He has never been seen in the show, but was mentioned in the episode Victor's Other Family. He is also the maternal grandfather of Francis, Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, Jaime and an unborn child.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Radu Gogorsky was a man who dated Ida Kenzel for a short period of time. The only known fact about their relationship is that Ida liked him because he could climb an entire flight of stairs with his hands. During one of their times, having sex, he must have impregnated her, with a child that would later become Lois Wilkerson. Shortly afterwards, the two must have split up and Ida moved on to a man named Victor Welker, who would become the man who raised the child.

Throughout all of her childhood and most of her adulthood, Lois thought that Victor was her real father, until the events of the episode Victor's Other Family, where Lois received a blood test that was done on her family, that revealed the truth. This even came as a surprise to Ida, who could have sworn that it was Victor who impregnated her, which she knew her mother was lying. As for Susan, even Ida doesn't know the full story behind that, leaving it ambiguous as to whether her real father is Victor or Radu. Although it's also possible that she could've been lying to Lois the whole time and knew that Radu didn't father Susan because she stopped seeing him a long time ago. Whether he is alive or not is unknown, as well as his whereabouts or if he knows about him being Lois' biological father.

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