Richard is a character from the Pilot episode of Malcolm in the Middle. He is a friend of Malcolm and possibly Dewey's.


In the Pilot, he was seen talking to Malcolm about his brother Francis, believing him to be in prison, when he was really only in military school and was sneaking past Dave Spath on their way to school. Later in the episode Lois tried to cheer Malcolm up, when he was in a state of depression, by talking about all the negative traits of everyone else in the neighborhood. One of which was describing Richard as "effeminate".


  • Richard's actor, Martin Spanjers, was originally going to be the actor who played Malcolm, until he was replaced by Frankie Muniz.
  • A deleted dialogue block with him in the Pilot involved him asking what Malcolm's last name was, to which Malcolm answered with the last name "Wilkerson". This was removed because the creators wanted to keep the last name of the family a secret for the entire series.
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