Season 1 was the first season of Fox's Malcolm in the Middle which ran from January 9, 2000 to May 21, 2000, for a total of sixteen episodes.


The season begins in the Pilot episode, with Malcolm taking a test, where he is revealed to be a genius. His family and teachers are shocked about this and they have him moved to a genius classroom with a bunch of weird and nerdy kids. Here, he meets a handicapped kid named Stevie who has asthma and becomes best friends with him. Malcolm's oldest brother, Francis, is in military school in this season, and all his appearances feature him at the military school, and his only interactions are of him calling his family at home, except for four episodes where he is assigned to go back home to visit only for the weekend. These episodes would be Home Alone 4, Krelboyne Picnic, Francis Escapes, and Smunday (only in a brief flashback). Malcolm's first love interest, Julie Houlerman is introduced, but her story arc is quickly ended in the episode Funeral, when she visits his house, and has a horrible experience, seeing him in his underwear, tripping and landing in dish soap, and seeing Reese existing. She then starts hating Malcolm, leaves him, and is never seen again. The season finale, Water Park, features Malcolm and Reese going to the water park, while Dewey is forced st stay home, being babysat by an old lady who doesn't allow him to do anything. At the water park, there is an extremely huge and scary water slide that they're both afraid to go down. Malcolm and Reese get into a huge argument, and go back and forth, getting revenge on each other, until they eventually cross the line and get into huge trouble with Lois. At the top of the death water slide, Lois is lashing out at them as usual, until Malcolm rebels against her by pushing her into it, forcing her to be tortured in it. Meanwhile, Dewey and his babysitter connect with each other and find out that they share the same interests and personalities and go deep into depth with each other and having fun. They both dance with each other to the song Fernando, until eventually she has a stroke and dies. Dewey happily waves goodbye as the ambulance takes her away, but gets almost immediately distracted by a balloon, blowing in the wind. He chases the balloon all the way to the other side of the world, and then gets distracted by a brown paper bag, blowing in the wind. The episode ends with "To be continued..." with Dewey chasing the bag. The events of this episode would be continued and the story arc would be closed in the first episode of the second season.


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Title Original air date Prod. Code
1 1 "Pilot" January 9, 2000 1
2 2 "Red Dress" January 16, 2000 4
3 3 "Home Alone 4" January 23, 2000 7
4 4 "Shame" February 6, 2000 8
5 5 "Malcolm Babysits" February 13, 2000 6
6 6 "Sleepover" February 20, 2000 11
7 7 "Francis Escapes" February 27, 2000 2
8 8 "Krelboyne Picnic" March 12, 2000 10
9 9 "Lois VS Evil" March 19, 2000 5
10 10 "Stock Car Races" April 2, 2000 3
11 11 "Funeral" April 9, 2000 12
12 12 "Cheerleader" April 16, 2000 13
13 13 "Rollerskates" April 30, 2000 9
14 14 "The Bots and the Bees" May 7, 2000 15
15 15 "Smunday" May 14, 2000 14
16 16 "Water Park" May 21, 2000 16