Sharon Wilkerson is the mother of Hal, Claire and Amelia and the wife of Walter Wilkerson. She has never appeared in the series, but has been mentioned on a few occasions. She is probably deceased.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In the episode Billboard, Hal was being interviewed on the news and talked about his mother. He explained how she was very smart and also extremely hard-working and she always worked in the kitchen. It is unknown if this was true, or he only said this for the cameras.

In the episode Living Will, Sharon was briefly seen from behind in a flashback, of Hal's childhood. She told Hal that for his birthday, he had to make a decision between a clown and a petting zoo. She had blonde hair, worn in a bun, and a white dress.

In the episode "Family Reunion" Hal told his father that they hadn't a good relationship and he felt like an orphan because of this, implying that his mother was already deceased.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Originally, Sharon was then there supposed to be played by Beatrice Arthur and babysit Dewey while Hal and Lois took the older boys to the Wavetown Water Park in Water Park. She was planned to live next door to the Wilkersons and occasionally babysit the boys. Out of the babysitters, Sharon is the only one whom the boys respects.
    • Aside her, Hal really had no contact with his family due to their resentment towards him for marrying Lois instead of Susan.
    • Sharon was originally the only member of Hal's family who truly likes Lois and comes to her defense against Walter, Claire and Amelia. She becomes the mother figure that Lois was lacking due to how horrible Ida was to her.
    • Ida and Sharon were supposed to have competition with each other in who is the better grandmother to the boys
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