Tanya is one of the girls who entered the beauty pageant in the episode Lois VS Evil. Her talent was dancing and she is one of the many girls who Francis gawked over.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Tanya was doing a dance for the beauty pageant and she was doing very terrible at it. Francis never told her this and completely respected her because he thought she was hot. Backstage, Tanya then told Francis that she thought that their relationship was growing stronger and that she felt a special bond between them, making Francis believe that she was leading him on. However, she also revealed that she thought that Francis was gay. Francis tried to deny this at first, but when he realized that this belief led to them allowing him to rub lotion on them, without fear that he'd gawk over them, he allowed it to happen. Later, Francis was massaging her back and he tried to take things a step further by saying that he wants to change the way he feels and wants to become straight. Tanya again led Francis to believe that she'd have sex with him, but it was then revealed that she took Francis to a homop Christian homosexual reprogramming seminar to turn him straight again.resulting in Francis loosing interest in her because eventhoighhe wasn’t gay He certainly wasn’t homophobic either.

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