The Buseys are an emotionally disturbed class in the middle school that the Wilkerson boys went to. Dewey went to their class in the episode Dewey's Special Class. Like The Krelboynes, they are educationally, and socially looked down upon by their students and peers.

List of BuseysEdit

Dewey WilkersonEdit

Dewey Wilkerson is the only kid in the class who is actually normal. In Dewey's Special Class, Dewey took the same test Malcolm did at the beginning of middle school and Malcolm encouraged him to get every answer on the test wrong because when Malcolm got every answer right, he got went to The Krelboyne class and he didn't want that happening to Dewey. Dewey went along with this, which ended him up in The Buseys class. Being the only mentally stable kid in the class, all the other Buseys love him and look up to him for guidance.

David HansonEdit

David Hanson is a busey who thinks that he's riding a motorcycle at all times and is always pretending he's using the handlebars and making engine noises. He talks with an occasional stutter.

Zoe DesenaEdit

Zoe Desenea is a busey who thinks she can talk to animals and believes she has an alter ego called Bad Zoe.


Chad is a busey who is very aggressive and always wears oven mitts and a sheet of paper on his shirt with a warning written on it.


Penelope is a busey who was only seen in Buseys Take A Hostage. After Zoe's actor left the show, they needed a replacement for her, and so they replaced her with Penelope.