The unnamed porno was a pornography that was filmed at the ranch in "Stereo Store" directed by Patrick, a porn director. Francis unknowingly hired the porno director to film at the ranch after hearing Gretchen's dream of being an actress. Francis allowed her the privilege to be in the movie after hearing her dream and finds out a porno is actually being filmed. Francis desperately tries to evict them thinking the Mankussers would be disgusted and realizes they wouldn't be (Gretchen wants to be in any film for her big break) and allows the set to continue filming.


The plot of the film is never revealed as only one scene is being filmed. the scene begins with a good looking butler serving a guest and she begins flirting with him, a french maid then walks in and begins flirting with the butler as well and the butler starts flirting with them, the scene concludes with Gretchen walking in saying "looks like were going to need more towels!" and walking out.


  • Ivan Baccarat as Oily actor 
  • Elisa Leonetti as French maid
  • Angela Little as Debbie

Directed by Patrick (who is played by Todd Holland)

A naked man is playing a crossword puzzle on a bed and asks Patrick for help to spell a word, it is unknown if he is in the film as an actor (he is played by James Giordano).

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