Vegas is the first episode of Season 5 and aired on November 2, 2003. It is the 86th episode of the series overall.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In a Season 5 opener, Hal gets more than he gambled for when he and his family go to Las Vegas in order to fulfill a psychedelic dream of his.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In the cold opening, Hal carries Jamie into the bedroom where Lois shows him a present for Jamie from Aunt Felicia, a ballerina outfit and a football, since she's not sure if Jamie is a boy or girl. As the two can't believe people don't know what their child's gender is, Lois decides to give one to goodwill when Hal and Lois go to announce Jamie's gender they are distracted by the new pictures on the diaper design and Reese breaking something, Lois leaves and Jamie urinates with Hal saying "nice try mister."

Reese is feeding bacon to Dewey's morbidly obese rabbit Gordo, Dewey objects and tells Reese to stop since he is the one who has to sit through the Junior Farmers meeting while everyone teases Gordo for his obesity. Reese claims they are small minded idiots who have no idea what they're trying to do. Dewey questions what they are trying to do, Reese claims he's had visions of riding Gordo down the street knocking over cars but knows it's probably not realistic.

At the Grotto, Francis walks in covered in oil. Piama ask him what happened, he tells her that someone forgot to top off the oil in the tractor and the whole engine blew. He lists other problems like the clogged furnace, the generator is out of diesel and the gate to the cow pen is falling apart. Piama points out all those responsibilities are his and he should make more of an effort and although Otto is easily forgiving even he has limits. Otto calls out for a fire, joking as him and Gretchen bring Francis a cake to celebrate his 1 year anniversary of working at the Grotto.

That night Hal has a dream involving a mysterious stain on his shirt, a pink balloon and hearing Beethoven's Fifth Symphony leading him to a jackpot slot machine where he wins the super jackpot, until he wakes up hugging a lamp.

The following day, Lois wonders what Reese does to his underwear. Malcolm says there's not enough money in the world to make him look up. Lois looks in Malcolm's bag and finds a certificate for scientific achievement from the state. Malcolm claims it as no big deal and they hand them out like candy. Lois tells him to not be so modest and knew he could achieve it because she didn't let him get an earring before leaving. Hal arrives and asks Malcolm to explain dreams that predict the future he tells Malcolm about the events in his dream but Malcolm reminds him about a dream he had about singing trash cans.

Dewey pulls Gordo into the kitchen and Reese asks how his meeting went. Dewey tells him it went horribly and they called Gordo a monster and him a crime against nature, forgetting whether or not it was the other way around, but either way he was crying. Reese tells him to expect backlash when you're trying to play God and once they get to the nationals, they will get some respect. Dewey tells him they're not going to the nationals because they're in Las Vegas, Hal overhears and asks what's in Las Vegas, Dewey tells him a chance for Reese to make him look like a jerk in front of the entire country. Hal sees it as a sign and tells him they're going, all he needs is to cash in their life insurance policy to pay for the trip. Malcolm thinks his father is thinking irrationally but Hal reminds him that you don't need life insurance when you're a kajillionaire, he only needs to make up an excuse to pull the wool over Lois' eyes.

At dinner that night, Lois makes a roast to celebrate Hal.

When the family goes on vacation to Las Vegas, , an and spends time with him talking about parenting advice. Meanwhile, Reese and Dewey try to save a giant rabbit from getting cooked and Francis gets trapped with Otto in a well he was supposed to fix, as a fire erupts in the barn (also Francis' fault).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This episode once again shows Hal's gambling problem as seen before in the episode Casino.
  • The cold opening reveals that Jamie is a boy.
  • When Hal searches his dream slot mashine, he runs out this entrance of the Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas.[1]
  • Malcolm attends his first concert this episode since he didn't go on his previous chance with Julie in the episode Funeral.
  • The music that's played in the background along with Hal, the stain on his shirt, the pink balloon, and the slot machine is Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
  • David Cassidy of The Partridge Family makes a guest appearance in this episode playing the role of Boone Vincent.
  • The lady in Hal's dream and at the end of the episode are the same lady, only the difference is that she sounds different because she somehow changed her voice.
  • The stain on Hal's shirt in his dream doesn't really look like a stain, it looks more like a glowing light shining on him.

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