Zoe Desenea is a busey who thinks she can talk to animals. she has an imaginary alter ego she refers to as Bad Zoe. it is implied in some episodes that she has ADHD. She is also an expert at fake crying and can even tear up. She portrayed Lois in Dewey's opera about his family. Zoe, just like Penelope, occasionally has a few (or none) crazy, overly decorated braids. In Dewey's Opera it is implied that she cut her hair for the role of Lois, it is unknown how it grew back so quickly, it however could have been a wig, whichever one it is is uncertain.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Originally her last name was to be revealed in an episode, but this idea was later scrapped due to her actor leaving the show.
  • Amy Buckner later became busy with other projects and was not able to continue playing the role of Zoe, so she was later replaced by Jennette McCurdy, and her character, Penelope.
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